Fine Music Showcase – This Sunday 9th May

This Sunday the 9th of May, Fine Music Sydney presents a showcase of stunning music, recorded live at our station, in our Founders Studio. From 3pm, j...

Enjoy, Learn, Discuss – Disobedient Servant: The unsinkable Leopold Mozart

About the talkSalzburg, 1739. A penniless foreign philosophy student looked at his future, knotted himself a rope-ladder, and climbed. To do so, he ha...

In Conversation with Gerard Willems AM

Catherine Peake talks to Gerard Willems about his music. Gerard Willems is best known as the Dutch-born pianist whose recordings of Beethoven’s pian...

CD Review – En Masse: Offspring Bites 3

En Masse: Offspring Bites 3Ensemble ★★★★ Written by Paul Cooke There are three works here, the third in Ensembl...

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