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***All Applications Frozen ***

“Fine Music Sydney will inevitably experience interruptions to our regular programs during the COVD-19 pandemic due to the various social distancing measures we are required to implement. Actual programming content may vary based upon many factors, including availability and a variety of situations which may arise that are beyond our control. It is with this in mind that we have made a decision to freeze all of our Emerging Artist Programs for 2020. All applications will open again in 2021. Stay tuned for more information”.

​Meet States of Chaos
Associate Artist-in-Residence


States of Chaos is a piano/bass/drums trio from Sydney featuring drummer Ed Rodrigues, bassist Bill Williams and pianist Casey Golden. Formerly the Casey Golden Trio, the trio changed their name to States of Chaos in 2019 to reflect the true democratic nature of the band. 

Since forming in 2010, they have consistently played around Australia and steadily built a reputation as a force to be reckoned with on the Australian scene. They have released three albums together: Miniature (2016); Outliers (2015); and Live at Bennetts Lane (2015) and played over 130 shows together. Their albums have consistently received high critical praise in Australia, Europe, the US and Japan from publishers including All About Jazz (US), Jazzwise (UK), The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian. Their recordings have also been featured on numerous ‘best of the year’ lists on various websites including London Jazz News.

Having played together for almost a decade in a band in which all members are also composers, States of Chaos have an extensive and diverse repertoire of their original music. From densely composed material to free improvisation, heavy rock textures to sparse, open grooves, this trio explores the endless possibilities of 3 open-minded musicians with a strong connection.

States of Chaos was on hiatus in 2017/2018 as Casey was based in the UK at this time, but returned to the live circuit in 2019 and have recorded a new album, due for release in August.

Originating from the south coast of NSW, Bill Williams first studied the double bass at the Australian National University, Canberra. Since that time, he has toured and recorded extensively in Australia, the USA and Europe in jazz, blues, folk and rock bands.

As a member of the up and coming band, State of Chaos, Bill hopes to explore the many layers of musical conversation that occur within both a live and recorded session; he draws upon past lessons and collaborations to create a dynamic, interactive listening experience.

Pianist and composer Casey Golden is a forward-thinking musician, active as both a bandleader and session musician in Australia and the UK. He has been a finalist for both Young Australian Jazz Artist of the Year and for an APRA Professional Development Award. He’s also won a BBM Travel Scholarship and been nominated for a Freedman Fellowship.

Casey currently leads a UK-based quartet, featured on his latest release ‘Atlas’ (2018). He also has a duo project with harp-guitarist Tony Barnard, featured on ‘Inventions’ (2017).

In Australia, he is a member/co-leader of improvising trio States of Chaos and future electronic project This Week in the Universe.

Ed Rodrigues has managed to forge a distinct voice on the drum kit, receiving his Bachelors, Honours’ and Master’s of Jazz Performance at the Australian National University in Canberra. Finishing in 2009 with an extensive study on Technique and Time. Ed has performed and toured nationally and internationally both during his studies, and since relocating back to Sydney in 2010. He has recorded, toured and performed as a sideman for many artists, covering a range of different genres from Jazz to Rock and Pop. 

As well as being featured in issue 78 of Australia’s ‘Drumscene’ Magazine as one of the ‘Next Generation’ of Australian Jazz Drummers, Ed was a nominee for the prestigious Freedman Jazz Fellowship Awards in 2017. He also has a passion for music education and is currently teaching privately, and at the University of Western Sydney.

Meet The Marais Project
Artists in Residence

About the Ensemble
Formed by Jennifer Eriksson in 2000, The Marais Project is a celebration of music for the viola da gamba, centred around the work of Marin Marais, the great French virtuoso viola da gamba performer and composer. The ensemble’s initial aim was to perform the complete works of Marais – a monumental task which is more than 85% complete. However, since formation they have extended their repertoire beyond the French baroque to include medieval and renaissance music as well as commissioning and recording some twenty new Australian works.

Ensemble Members
Catherine Upex, Tommie Andersson, Fiona Ziegler and Belinda Montgomery. Guest artists include: Koen van Stade, Matthew Bruce, Daniel Yeadon, Mikaela Oberg, Shaun Ng, Melissa Farrow, Susie Bishop. Steve Elphick, Anna Sandstrom, David Hidden, Raymond Harvey and Anthony Abouhamad.

Collaborators: The Muffat Collective, The Early Dance Consort, “Mara!, jazz pianist and composer Kevin Hunt, Sydney Chamber Choir and composers such as Stephen Yates, Rosalind Page, Emily-Rose Šárkova, Dan Walker, Paul Cutlan, Matt McMahon, Llew and Mara Kiek and Matthew Perry.

About the Award

Fine Music has always encouraged local music and musicians support. This was formalised in 2014 with the offer of Artist-in-Residence status to the Omega Ensemble and Acacia Quartet. From 2016 this was offered annually, giving recipients access to studios for recording, sound engineers, rehearsal facilities, promotional support, and more. The recipients of Artist-in-Residence last year were The Marais Project, Elysian Fields and The Michael Griffin Sextet (please find more information below).  

Artists in Residence Package 
The Artists in Residence Package is valued at over $10,000 valid from 1 July 2019 until the 30 June 2020. The value of the package includes access to studios for recording, sound engineers, rehearsal facilities, promotional and marketing support across our Print, EDM, Online and On-air channels.  In exchange the Artists in Residence are required to commit to the following item within their residency period: 

1. Performance at our annual Celebration of Fine Music event 
2. Performance at one Live from the Founders Studio events 
3. Development, performance and recording of a unique Station ID to be used for promotional purposes on-air (30 second audio) 
4. Development, performance and recording of one promotional video to be used for cinema advertising purposes (30 seconds of audio and visual) 

Selection Criteria 
Our Artist-in-Residence program is open to professional and established musical groups (2 or more members) from the Classical, Contemporary and Jazz genres, who reside in NSW. We support new work and collaborations. 

Who Should Apply? 
• Unsigned musicians who do not have a recording contract or licensing deal with a record label or business (i.e. 3rd parties).
• Musicians who have created their own label solely to administer their own recorded works.
• Labels, managers and publicists distributing less than three Australian musicians’ releases per year. 

Artists in Residence Application
• Please note: Eligibility is determined by Fine Music Sydney based on its relevance to our listening audience at that time.

• Applications are highly competitive and we don’t have the capacity to approve every submission. They are assessed against the responses you provide on your application. Treat this like a grant application.

• Provide as much information as you can in your application. Applications containing limited detail are more likely to be declined by Fine Music Sydney

• Applications with three or more tracks will be rated higher. Our Artist-in-Residence program aims to support Artist careers, not solely a single song created by an Artist. You need to show us a minimum of three tracks (rather than just one) so we can assess the depth of your repertoire.

• Be accurate: The final step of the application is to declare that the information you have supplied is true and correct, and that you understand that AMRAP may verify statements you have made with relevant third parties.

• ‘You’ or ‘Musician’ or ‘Artist’ or ‘Act’ means: The party applying 
• ‘Title’ or ‘Release’ means: A body of musical work (eg Album or EP). 
• ‘Tracks’ means: Three recorded songs that you want to make available for assessment purposes. 

​​Good luck!