Vexations and Devotions

Brett Dean, Michael Leunig and choral dreaming

Fine Music Sydney Magazine Correction Notice: It has come to the attention of Fine Music Sydney that the April 2020 edition of the Fine Music Sydney Magazine incorrectly attributed the article on page 47 entitled: Vexations and Devotions as written by Barry Continue reading “Vexations and Devotions”

CD Review – Under Paris Skies

Hetty Kate
Under Paris Skies

Lisez L’Etiquette Records

Under Paris Skies is the latest release from British/Australian vocalist Hetty Kate. Her career spans from intimate clubs to over four years as vocalist with jazz luminary James Morrison. Hetty approaches her performance with a refined understatement that translates into a Continue reading “CD Review – Under Paris Skies”

Musical Families

Jean-Féry Rebel’s Famous In-Laws

Written by Elizabeth Hill

Jean-Féry Rebel was born in 1666 into three generations of musical Rebels. His father and uncle were connected to the French royal household, and his sister was married to the composer Michel-Richard Delalande. With these connections, and with Jean-Baptiste Lully as a Continue reading “Musical Families”

Beethoven’s New Path

Reflections on The Eroica

Written by Eddie Bernasconi

In late February, those lucky enough to have acquired an ACO subscription for 2020 were treated to a special program featuring the first three Beethoven symphonies. Of the three symphonies, the 3rd, or The Eroica as it is commonly referred to, has Continue reading “Beethoven’s New Path”

In Conversation with Frances Madden

Our former Kruger Scholarship recipient and rising jazz vocalist and pianist talks about her new album ‘Beautiful World’, about finding inspiration in Nashville, recording original songs, and more.

Written by Christopher Waterhouse and Photos by Monica Pronk

Congratulations on your new album “Beautiful World”! How did the album come about? Continue reading “In Conversation with Frances Madden”

CD Review – The Köln Concert

Keith Jarrett
The Köln Concert

How did a single concert that almost didn’t take place go on to become the biggest selling piano album in recorded history? Keith Jarrett arrived at Cologne’s Opera house exhausted and in considerable pain due to a bad back after a 5 hour, Continue reading “CD Review – The Köln Concert”



In Italy, there were few families more influential than the Scarlattis. Alessandro Scarlatti, known as the ‘Italian Orpheus’ by his peers, became the most important opera composer between Monteverdi and Rossini. As founder of the Neapolitan school of opera, he helped establish Naples as Continue reading “MUSICAL FAMILIES”