CD Review – Yulugi

Chasing Stars To The Mother Tree

Written by Keith Pettigrew

A debut release from Australian and indigenous group, Yulugi. They capture the scale of the cosmos and the sounds of our landscape. Their music explores the improvisation of flute, piano and didgeridoo. Yulugi means have fun in Northern NSW Gilmaroi, and is Keyna Wilkins, a classically trained Australian- British pianist and flautist who branched
into flamenco, jazz and improvisation; and Gumaroy Newman, an indigenous songman from the Gamilaroi and Wakka Wakka nations, playing the Yidaki, a northern NSW didgeridoo.

The opening track starts with a fast didgeridoo bass rhythm, but quickly adds an uptempo tuneful jazz flute, exploring the sounds of the didgeridoo, with flute and didgeridoo trilling magically. The second track introduces Wilkins’ piano, reminiscent of the Keith Jarrett. Tracks include Newman’s voiced story-telling, including the importance to the future of Australia and to indigenous culture of looking after the land. This is virtuoso playing, and worthy of any Australian collection.

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