CD Review – Debussy-Rameau

Víkingur Ólafsson

DG 483 7701

Debussy paid homage to Rameau in one of the first set of his Images. He praised the “perfect taste and strict elegance which make up the consummate beauty” of Rameau’s music, and wrote that, despite the separation of two centuries, “Rameau seems to be our Continue reading “CD Review – Debussy-Rameau”

CD Review – Forgotten Fields

Forgotten Fields
Mark Isaacs


Mark Isaacs is an Australian master composer and improviser. On this latest recording, he displays sublime subtlety, while always keeping one eye trained on the avant-garde, with a compilation of bucolic piano solo miniatures. The piano solo is quite often the window into the artist’s Continue reading “CD Review – Forgotten Fields”

CD Review – Farrenc & Saint-Saëns: Romantic Dreams

Farrenc & Saint-Saëns: Romantic Dreams
ABC 481 9887

Louise Farrenc was a highly talented pianist who became Professor of Piano at the Paris Conservatoire: she was also a composer who wrote finely crafted chamber music and symphonies. Farrenc’s Quintet for piano and strings No 1 was composed at Continue reading “CD Review – Farrenc & Saint-Saëns: Romantic Dreams”

CD Review – Palo Alto

Palo Alto
Theloious Monk
Impulse Records

As a 16-year-old at Palo Alto High School in California, Danny Scher was a huge fan of Thelonious Monk. He had a dream to invite Monk to perform at his school. He boldly phoned Monk, and to his delight, the invitation was accepted. Continue reading “CD Review – Palo Alto”

CD Review – Another Look at Autumn

Another Look at Autumn
John Martin, piano
Wirr 102

Five stars

Sydney pianist John Martin’s new album, Another Look at Autumn, features music of a wistful restlessness. The piano sound, recorded in Studio C at Fine Music Sydney, is clear and attractive with a lightness that suits the character Continue reading “CD Review – Another Look at Autumn”