CD Review – Another Look at Autumn

Another Look at Autumn
John Martin, piano
Wirr 102

Five stars

Sydney pianist John Martin’s new album, Another Look at Autumn, features music of a wistful restlessness. The piano sound, recorded in Studio C at Fine Music Sydney, is clear and attractive with a lightness that suits the character of the works. The highlight of the CD for me is the opening track, Miriam Hyde’s Brownhill Creek in Spring, a piano miniature that despite its title fits perfectly with the autumnal spirit of the CD. The world premiere recordings of music by the late John Terry will be of great interest to his many friends and colleagues. Duets with Sally Whitwell (piano four hands) and Victoria Jacono-Gilmovich (violin) on music by Ann Carr-Boyd add to the recording as a whole. This recording is one for lovers of piano and those with a passion for supporting Australian music.

– James Nightingale

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