CD Review – Forgotten Fields

Forgotten Fields
Mark Isaacs


Mark Isaacs is an Australian master composer and improviser. On this latest recording, he displays sublime subtlety, while always keeping one eye trained on the avant-garde, with a compilation of bucolic piano solo miniatures. The piano solo is quite often the window into the artist’s soul and left to his own devices and desires, this pianist-composer produces music that’s as much about respecting a moment as it is about developing it. Captured on a Steinway Model D Concert Grand piano, these gorgeous cameos provide comfort and inspiration to listeners with a depth and beauty to spare. From the familiar passion encountered in his composition Remembrance to the delicate quietude of Forgotten Fields, Isaacs branches out in myriad directions, utilising rubato romanticism and lush chords to deliver a sonic palette that represents a delightful culmination of his many varied musical explorations.

– Barry O’Sullivan

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