CD Review – Time’s End

Time’s End
States of Chaos
Self Released


Written by Barry O’Sullivan

Featuring simple songs recorded in one take symbiotically in a room, this newest recording from the band is a straight-up representation of their live sound. With bassist Bill Williams and drummer Ed Rodrigues filling out the harmonic canvas, the band’s pianist Casey Golden delivers worldly modernism with his glowing attack and sweeping musical suggestions, in a remarkably coherent vision which is at once grounded and atmospheric. On the standout tracks Marbles and Mastermind, success is achieved via a telepathic output from the trio via the pianist’s softly driving phraseology and tuneful harmony. This is a band in total harmony with each other. They incorporate modern jazz with exactly the required improvisational quotient. Throughout, while maintaining continuity of focus and artistic vision, they develop sounds that are engaging and challenging at the same time, tender and thoughtful one minute, fiery and raw the next.

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