Digital Oceans Virtual Jazz Festival

Keith Pettigrew presents Digital Oceans Virtual Jazz Festival on Emergent Jazz on Saturday 15 August, 7pm.

Among Fine Music Sydney’s goals is to support Australian musicians and composers, with particular emphasis on the young. Emergent Jazz reflects that commitment.  And so, we are proud to bring you a particularly creative response to the remote learning that CoViD has forced on our jazz training grounds.  While students are learning their musical craft, they must now contend with no place to rehearse, no place to collaborate, and worst of all, no place to perform. Then there is the ubiquitous, video platforms, complete with the dissonance that they bring. Added then is the technical art of recording.  But of course, plenty of solo practice time!

The Digital Oceans Virtual Jazz Festival has been developed with the University of NSW Jazz Program, knitting together home recordings of jazz creations. They have found ways to embrace new technologies to create and present their jazz.  They have crafted music that will have your heart racing, your mind whirling and your feet tapping.

Under the watchful eye of renowned Sydney jazz nobility Alister Spence and Sandy Evans, the campus jazz ensembles have virtually rehearsed. From the Creative Practices Lab, Emergent Jazz will feature selections from the Jazz Orchestra, the Advanced Jazz Ensemble, and the Virtual Jazz Collective.

The radio festival on Saturday evening will be followed by equally amazing video live-streaming jazz on Tuesday 18 August.  It is free to watch and enjoy, but it is best to register beforehand at Digital Oceans Virtual Jazz Festival, or search Digital Oceans on Eventbrite.

Watch it live on Tuesday 18 August at 6pm at UNSW Digital Oceans // Virtual Jazz Festival

This is the future of jazz.  Search for Digital Oceans Fine Music Emergent Jazz

Emergent Jazz – Saturday 15 August, 7pm with Keith Pettigrew


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