Enjoy, Learn, Discuss – The Magic of Choral Music

Choral singing is an integral part of our modem‐day concert life. Every year Handel’s Messiah is performed countless times around the globe, and audiences continue to fill concert halls for performances of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. The physical and emotional benefits of choral singing have been widely documented in recent decades: from lowering stress levels to strengthening your immune system. What is it about choral singing that makes it so magical?

About Alex Siegers

Alex is a singer, conductor and educator across jazz, baroque, contemporary, choral, and a cappella genres. She sings Alto with the Choir of St James’ King St, and performs regularly with The Song Company, The Choir of St Mary’s Cathedral, and her Musica Viva in Schools show, Da Vinci’s Apprentice. Alex has a Bachelor of Music (Jazz Voice)/Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics & Asian Studies) from Sydney Conservatorium of Music and when she isn’t singing, Alex is the Music Engagement Assistant at UNSW Music Performance Unit.

Bookings details

Date: Sunday 21 March, 2.30pm

Venue: The talks will be presented on Zoom. Some in-person tickets are available, subject to COVID restrictions.

Tickets: $10 (Zoom presentation) and $20 in person ($15 for volunteers and subscribers), which includes light refreshments.

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