Facebook News Ban

Source: ABC

We have woken up this morning to a very different looking Facebook feed. If you haven’t heard the news already (you wouldn’t have if you get your news from Facebook), Facebook has banned Australian users from viewing and sharing domestic and international news due to the Australian Governments proposed legislation to force internet platforms to pay for news content.

Unfortunately, some government, charities and not for profit Facebook accounts have been caught up in this blanket ban as well including the Fine Music Sydney Facebook page. We sit with bated breath hoping a compromise is reached and we can continue reaching our Facebook audience and beyond.

Why is this relevant to us as a Community Radio Station? We have built an online community, which was especially important over the last year where we could share important news about the station, music and the pandemic, help promote our arts partners events, promote our own programs and news, highlight our hard-working volunteers and engage a new audience and introduce Fine Music Sydney to a whole new generation of listeners.

But while we wait to see how this situation unfolds, we are still available for your enjoyment on several different platforms:

FM 102.5
Digital DAB+
Radio On-Demand on finemusicsydney.com
iHeartRadio App via the Apple App Store and Google Play

Fine Music Sydney Website

Send us a message on our website finemusicsydney.com/contactus


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