Celebrating Alexander Arutiunian

From Armenia with love

Written by Paul Cooke

If Alexander Arutiunian is known at all to audiences outside the former Soviet Union, it is because of his 1950 Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra. It is quite possibly the best-known trumpet concerto since those written by Haydn and Hummel in the Continue reading “Celebrating Alexander Arutiunian”

Celebrating Florent Schmitt

The Life and Legacy of Florent Schmitt

Written by Rex Burgess

English speakers coming across the word Apache are most likely to associate it with the Native American tribe of that name. For French speakers, though, Les Apaches also serves to identify a semi-organised gang-culture which existed in Paris during Continue reading “Celebrating Florent Schmitt”

Simon Moore interviews Andrew Blanch

Guitarist Andrew Blanch spoke to Simon Moore on Fine Music Breakfast about his debut album Alchemy with Ariel Nurhadi.

Stream the interview on demand below!

Original broadcast date:
Wednesday 23 September 2020

About Andrew

Andrew, based in Sydney, Australia, is managed by Tier 1 Arts and plays a 2014 Greg Continue reading “Simon Moore interviews Andrew Blanch”

Christopher Waterhouse In Conversation with Philip Powers

On Wednesday 23rd September Christopher Waterhouse is in conversation with record producer Philip Powers. Philip is the Managing Director of 1M1 Records, the only Australian record label devoted exclusively to Australian film music soundtrack releases. Philip was also recording manager and producer at Sydney Symphony for many years working with Continue reading “Christopher Waterhouse In Conversation with Philip Powers”

In Conversation with Jennifer Hou

Don’t miss Jennifer’s interview on Breakfast with Simon Moore on Thursday 17 September at 8.05am.

Written by Mona Omar

What have you been up to since we saw you last in 2017?

So many exciting things have happened since we last saw each other! In 2018, I performed Rachmaninoff’s Continue reading “In Conversation with Jennifer Hou”