Digital Oceans Virtual Jazz Festival

Keith Pettigrew presents Digital Oceans Virtual Jazz Festival on Emergent Jazz on Saturday 15 August, 7pm.

Emergent Jazz is committed to supporting new Australian jazz musicians and composers, particularly from our university jazz programs.  But CoViD has seen university campuses turned asunder, with remote learning leading to much improvising in course delivery, as well as of course in the very nature of jazz itself. 

Inspired by uncertain times and a new normal, the Digital Oceans Virtual Jazz Festival brings together and knits home recordings of jazz creations.  This is the new novel “on-campus” way.  UNSW musicians have had to work in an new and unfamiliar environment, both individually and collectively.  They have found ways to embrace technology in wholly new ways to create and present their jazz.  They have crafted music that will have your heart racing, your mind whirling and your feet tapping.   These have been stitched into an even grander whole, intended to connect, inspire and uplift. 

This radio festival will be followed by equally amazing video live-streaming jazz on Tuesday 18th.  Details soon.

This is the future of jazz.

Emergent Jazz – Saturday 15 August, 7pm with Keith Pettigrew.


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