Me and Halie Loren

Jazz Notes by Louise Levy

Source: Halie Loren Official Instagram

I work in the library at Fine Music, filling in data for new jazz albums or completing information for the jazz catalogue. I listen on headphones to pass the time during the afternoon.

One afternoon in February last year, I was enjoying the album called “Heart First” by a singer, Halie Loren.

I was curious about Loren’s album. As I looked through the album I realised, her album was a mix of some “classic” songs, some “pop” songs and her own ability to write her own songs. The first track is her work, called “A Woman’s Way”  and it shows us Loren’s talent.

On a whim, I decided, when I got home, to send an email to Loren, telling her how much I enjoyed “Heart First”. That evening, I finished the email and I thought nothing else would happen as a result of it.

But the next day – she wrote back to me!!!

In the email, Loren said she was delighted by my comments, and she put me onto her mailing list!

In her latest album, called “From the Wild Sky”, Loren has turned to her own songwriting except for the final track called “A Mi Manera” from Roberto Livi.

The album shows a personal to a universal journey of songs. Beginning with the first track called “Roots”, which starts with the first line “be careful where you plant your feet”.

I now follow Halie Loren and receive her newsletters. And an item on my “bucket list” is to go to Eugene (USA) where she lives and see her perform live.


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