Fine Music Presenters (jazz)

Eddie Bernasconi

Jazz After Hours

A professional jazz trumpet player himself, having studied under the guidance of Canberra jazz stalwarts Miroslav Bukovsky and John Mackey, Eddie Bernasconi hosts the Jazz After Hours program on Monday nights, focusing on the latest modern jazz albums to come out of the American and European jazz scenes while simultaneously paying homage to the great artists of the past.

The program reflects on the way past traditions collide with the contemporary sounds of today with a deep focus on the contexts and perspectives that shaped each period of jazz.

Xavier Bichon

Planet Jazz

Jazz and traditional French music have always been part of Xavier’s life growing up in Paris. Think of Richard Galliano meeting Miles Davis! His first taste of radio was work experience as a teenager in a major French radio station. Although mainly bringing coffee to star presenters, here he experienced his first musical frisson (thrill) seeing prestigious classical and jazz artists performing live in a small studio.

Settling down under in 2000, he started a broadcast career with SBS Radio. He produced and presented the youth music program (Alchemy) before embarking on producer/ journalist for SBS’s French Program. This included interviewing European jazz, pop and classical artists.

One of Xavier’s great joys in jazz is that it absorbs influences from different musical cultures, including the rich musical legacy of France and USA. Planet Jazz showcases the diversity of modern jazz music that is produced around the world, Australia included

John Buchanan

Swing Sessions

John Buchanan first became interested in the music of the 1920s and 1930s during his teenage years. Since then he has spent much of his time organising concerts and festivals in Australia with the view of reviving and restoring the popularity of this wonderful and exciting music.
Apart from the many concerts and festivals, John has written extensively on the subject, and has been involved in many live recording sessions, and for the past twenty years been involved in broadcasting over a number of FM radio stations.

John was awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in the 2017 Australia Day Honours for services to jazz music and to the broadcast media.

Lloyd Capps

The Jazz Beat 

The Jazz Beat is a reflection of my love for jazz and in a sense it is self-indulgent because I only play tracks from my personal CD library and only those that I love and enjoy. Over the past ten years The Jazz Beat has always featured a track from Miles Davis but the listener will notice that I avoid his later fusion albums – mostly from Bitches Brew onwards. 
I prefer small groups (just as I do with Classical chamber music) but I also love the big sounds of Duke Ellington and Count Basie (just as I love Gustav Mahler).
My early influences came from listening to Kim Bonython and Eric Child and seeing all the visiting jazz artists who came to my home town of Adelaide.
In recent years my horizons were expanded by visiting jazz festivals and clubs around the world and meeting up with some great performers.  Adding to the mix, I have enjoyed seeing some of the finest classical performances in my travels. How lucky am I that I can share my love for jazz music with the audience that listens to The Jazz Beat on Tuesday evenings. Nothing thrills me more than meeting people, often in unlikely surrounds, who tell me that they listen and enjoy the program.

Deborah Evans

Jazz After Hours

Our Fine Jazz community welcomes Deborah Evans back to FineMusic Sydney. She was here about 10years ago, but left in a move to the mid-North Coast, where she presented jazz on Taree community radio.  She grew up in a musical family, always playing, and going to live gigs, concerts and opera; music from birth. She learnt to play piano (badly!) as a child, and then trained as a singer at the Con. In addition to community radio in Taree and with Fine Music, she presented a variety of jazz and was a board member at Northside Radio.  Fine Music Sydney welcomes her depth of experience and cheerful demeanour. She is coming home musically.

Leita Hutchings

Urban Jazz Lounge

Born too late to be a hippie, to a Father who was a self-taught Jazz pianist; I managed to win one or two music prizes at school (which was encouraging); and it was clear I was destined to become a presenter at Fine Music Sydney.​

Sue Jowell

After hours Jazz

Growing up in South Africa the sound of Township Jazz was everywhere. It formed the background to my earliest musical memory which was dancing to a scratchy 78 rpm of Glen Miller’s In the Mood. This was played on a wind up gramophone which used rapidly blunting needles requiring constant replacement with new ones kept in a metal tin. In the fifties my life was filled with the hi fidelity LP sound of Lena Horne, Billy Holliday, Dave Brubeck  and my lifetime favourites, Ella, Louis and Oscar.  Learning to play the piano (badly) introduced me to Classical music, adding a  valuable dimension.

Thanks to Fine Music I now have the chance to present Jazz on Sunday Nights and Classics during the week and providing me with  a heaven sent opportunity to enjoy and play music from my own library of CDs – a far cry from the shellac.

David Knapp

Jazz After Hours

Brought up listening to the greats of swing, jazz has always been David’s first musical “love”. An appreciation of classical music in later years has expanded David’s musical knowledge and complemented in some instances his understanding of jazz.

Dave Mac

Classic Jazz and Ragtime (2nd & 4th Sunday at noon)

 Dave Mac comes from a very musical family. His father appeared in an RAF barber shop quartet on one the very first TV transmissions in the UK. His mother sang in Gilbert and Sullivan productions and played the piano.

He was born in Scotland after the war, although his father’s family was from Victoria. Thanks to the RAF he grew up in England, Abyssinia and Cyprus. He moved to the heat and humidity of Fiji for health reasons and eventually decided to visit Australia. He never looked back; he has now been here for over 50 years. 

Dave studied science at Melbourne University but was a great fan of the jazz scene in his misspent youth. Health moved him to Sydney where he sang with the massed choirs of the Sydney Philharmonia and frequented low dives that had good jazz bands.  After several degrees and professional qualifications in various branches of science and applied science, and spending a lifetime of working in technical jobs, he has finally managed to focus on jazz, again!

Jeannie McInnes

 Jazz Rhythm & Classic Jazz and Ragtime ​(3rd & 4th Sunday at noon)

​Jeannie has been a devoted “jazz dag” and presenter for many years.  As a life member of Sydney Jazz Club, she has a broad knowledge of the Sydney traditional jazz scene. With eclectic tastes in music listening from classical, folk, world and especially jazz, her programs present from the wide gamut of jazz, all based around a theme. These could range from 1920s New Orleans, right through to contemporary Australian performers – always diverse and varied, & as noted by a listener “not paranoid or biased to one form – a true pro”.

Ramsay McInnes

Jazz After Hours

My years as a young jazz musician were spent in smokey London jazz clubs like the 606 and Ronnie Scott’s. We lived and breathed jazz, although the breathing part became easier when the smoking ban eventually came in.

Some of my favourite sounds throughout history are of course Bird & Diz, then forwarding to the jazz funk of The Headhunters, the jazz rock of many ensembles, then forwarding again to when jazz funk was rehashed in the 1990’s as Acid Jazz. 

As a guitar accompanist I love working with singers almost as much as I do working with saxophonists. I always enjoy listening to a great rendition of a great standard.

And that’s when he is not composing or being a music producer.

Maureen Meers

Jazz, Pure and Simple ​&  Classic Jazz and Ragtime (1st Sunday)

A retired accountant who grew up with music, having a father who was a competitive ballroom dancer there was always big band music playing in the house. In her teens she joined a musical society and was introduced to operettas and musicals, the society having many aspiring opera singers gaining stage experience, gave her friends who eventually achieved their dreams and introduced Maureen to the world of opera. Working for United Nations Agencies and living in Switzerland and the UK for fourteen years resulted in an introduction to classical music, at the same time never forgetting the music from her childhood.

Since joining Fine Music in 1994, Maureen has presented programs across the musical spectrum. She has just presented her 1,000th “Jazz, Pure & Simple”. A tremendous  achievement!

Gail Monjo

Jazz After Hours

Growing up with my father forever singing and rehearsing for his second job – jazz muso in the 60’s in Brisbane – I was brought up on a constant musical diet of Nat King Cole and more Nat King Cole. My tastes have branched out since then but the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. I learnt about Bob Dylan from my husband, and rap and all things ‘woke’ from my kids, but in the immortal words of Eartha Kitt, “my heart belongs to daddy”. Everything else I learnt from my mum.

Barry O’Sullivan

A Jazz Hour

Barry O’Sullivan is the producer and presenter of the nationally broadcast music program A Jazz Hour now approaching its fourteenth year on the Community Radio Network, one of the longest running jazz music programs on the FM Airwaves. The program focuses on contemporary jazz from Australia as well as international recordings from the Americas, Scandinavia, United Kingdom and the EU. Nostalgic jazz is also revisited from time to time.

​Barry also produces and presents a variety of jazz programs for digital radio on Fine Music Digital. He reviews jazz music recordings for the web pages Jazz Australia, Jazz and Beyond and the American webpage All About Jazz as well as for Fine Music Magazine. He has recently completed a ten part series for the CRN Magic Moments in Jazz for national broadcast to over 120 stations in all states in 2017. Barry strongly supports Australian jazz and contemporary improvised music with his involvement in Live at the Village and The Sydney Improvised Music Association from his home base in The Blue Mountains, NSW.

Keith Pettigrew

Emergent Jazz

While I had a music-free childhood, as a teen of the 60s, I was an avid listener, with a small reel-to-reel tape recorder with mixed-from-radio rock and pop under the seat of my post-war Ford.  But then, our kids learned music from a jazz pianist, and pursued tenor sax, jazz bass and baritone sax. What does that say about frustrated musicians! My career taught me that we are all story tellers, and that’s what drives my radio programming.  And that while jazz has its roots, it’s the 21st century, and Jazz lives.  So, it’s now, and keep that foot tapping.

Frank Presley

The New Jazz Standard

Frank has been a weekly jazz presenter since 1991, broadcasting from numerous community radio stations in NSW and was a presenter of Comradsat’s Australian jazz program “Tempo”.  Frank is currently the editor of the Sydney based jazz e-zine Jazz and Beyond, was a reviewer for ABC Limelight Magazine from 2007-12, a contributor for Extempore Journal and The Bulletin and in 2006, announced the winner of the National Jazz Writing Competition at the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz.​

Alex Siegers

Friday Night Jazz Session

Alex is an educator and performer across jazz, sacred, classical and pop.

She graduated in 2017 from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a Bachelor of Music and Arts, majoring in Jazz Performance, Asian Studies and Linguistics.  Alex has been a full-time chorister with the Choir of St. James King Street since 2012.  She has performed as a jazz vocalist and looping artist in her own right at events and festivals including Beams Arts Festival; UCSB Amplified 2016, Santa Barbara; Light The Night; Singing At The House, Sydney; Get Vocal Festival; and L.A. ACappella Festival.

In 2019 Alex toured nationally with Musica Viva as part of Da Vinci’s Apprentice.  She has also performed and recorded with contemporary musicians including Felix Riebl, Ollie McGill, Julia Jacklin, Alex The Astronaut, Bobby Fox, Liz Hughes, Goldheist, Jessica O’Donoghue

When she isn’t singing, Alex is the Operations and Communications Assistant in the Music Performance Unit at UNSW.

Robert Vale

Jazz Sketches

Robert’s introduction to jazz came in his late teens with  visits to the El Rocco club, Sydney’s premier jazz  venue of that era. One of the main attractions was Mike Nock’s Three Out Trio, often playing  original works and setting a new direction for Australian jazz. It was a thrilling scene & defined Robert’s life long interest in contemporary jazz.

Robert commenced broadcasting in 2002. Since 2013 he has presented the weekly program, “Jazz Sketches” on Fine Music & a wide variety of jazz programs which can be heard at various times each week on Fine Music Digital.

Chris Wetherall

Jazz Pulse 

Chris grew up in a jazz household. Plenty of Ellington, Armstrong and Basie in the air. His natural habitat these days is “hard bop” but he likes and plays broadly across the wide spectrum of this music from early Louis to Coltrane. Favourite locals are Ten Part, Clarion and anything with Bernie, Sandy, Lloyd and so on.