12pm Swing Sessions – Presented by John Buchanan
Music featuring bands of the 1930’s swing era and the dance bands of the 1920’s taken from radio broadcasts, transcriptions and recording sessions.

7pm Jazz Pulse – Presented by Chris Wetherall

10pm Jazz After Hours – Presented by Sue Jowell and David Knapp
Late night jazz, to listen and engage, and relax.

12pm Jazz Rhythm – Presented by Jeannie McInnes
An eclectic blending of agreeable rhythm and melody from the New Orleans jazz roots through to recent decades, including many Australian bands.

The Jazz Standards – Presented by Sue Jowell
The Jazz Beat – Presented by Lloyd Capps
Smooth small group jazz from the 50’s on, and with a visit from Miles Davis each week.

12pm Jazz Sketches – Presented by Robert Vale
Jazz Sketches focuses on contemporary jazz often gathered from emerging cultures & Australian sources.

7pm A Twist of Jazz  – Presented by Andrew Piper

12pm Jazz, Pure and Simple – Presented by Maureen Meers
A program covering the many aspects of jazz from Swing to Mainstream, with the great American songbook making regular appearances.

7pm The New Jazz Standard – Presented by Frank Presley
The New Jazz Standard is a concept program based on a fresh perspective of modern music contributing to the standard jazz repertoire. In a jazz context, Frank presents music from composers more associated with the world of pop, rock and film but also contemporary jazz composers interpreted by other fine jazz artists.

12pm A Jazz Hour – Presented by Barry O’Sullivan
  Contemporary and modern sounds of now in jazz from all corners of the globe.​ The program focuses on contemporary jazz from Australia as well as international recordings from the Americas, Scandinavia, United Kingdom and the EU. Nostalgic jazz is also revisited from time to time.

7pm Friday Night Jazz Sessions – Presented by Christopher Waterhouse 
A focus on the current Sydney jazz scene mixed with a range of international jazz stars and occasional musical guest interview.

12pm Urban Jazz Lounge – Presented by Leita Hutchings
New, hip, fun and traditional jazz – tons of cool jazz, all presented in a chilled and laid back, lounge style.​

12pm Classic Jazz and Ragtime – Presented by Maureen Meers (1st Sunday), John Buchanan (2nd & 4th Sunday) and Jeannie McInnes (3rd & 5th Sunday). 
The early days of jazz and ragtime as recorded during the first 30 years of the 20th century.

10pm Jazz After Hours – Presented by Keith Pettigrew, Sue Jowell and David Knapp
Late night jazz, to listen and engage, and relax.