CD Review – Living

Paul Cutlan String Project Earshift Music EAR043

Written by Barry O’Sullivan

This second release from The Paul Cutlan String Project follows a narrative that traverses human life and all its myriad experiences. Cutlan composed some of and arranged all of the repertoires in the five years since the launch of his first album Across the Top, developing them gradually and employing a more improvised approach. Enlarged with strings, and anchored by his woodwinds, these pieces are artistically embellished by all the musicians’ creative contributions. Their musical interpretations are both colourful and melodic. Coltrane’s After the Rain receives a sumptuous treatment of tremolo strings and harmonics

realising the shimmering piano chords of the original, with Oliver Miller’s cello tenderly intoning the melody in the interludes. Each new composition and reinterpretation on the album add a new perspective to the artistic possibilities available in jazz thereby enlarging its universe with an ultra-modern purview on this recently issued gem.

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