​Music Broadcasting Society of New South Wales Co-operative Limited Society Membership

​All active volunteers are required to become a society member and maintain their society membership of the Music Broadcasting Society of NSW Co-operative Limited as per the Volunteer Agreement which may be viewed here.

Society Membership at the Music Broadcasting Society of New South Wales Co-operative Limited entitles you to one vote at the Annual General Meeting. You may also move and second motions for consideration by the Society if applicable. Applications received for Society Membership must be approved by the Board of Directors, pursuant to the Rules of the Society before full Membership entitlements commence. The Rules of the Society may be viewed here.

The annual cost of Society Membership is $50 inclusive of GST, administration and insurance fees, from the 1st of August 2020. Please note that this fee does not include a subscription or donation. If you would also like to become an additional subscribing or donating supporter click here.

Please complete the form below to renew or apply for Society membership.

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