Notes from our Editor, David Ogilvie

As we bid good riddance to the annus horribilis 2020, I will be taking over the Editorship of the Magazine from this month onwards. I have had a long and close association with the radio station since 2003, having been a regular presenter, Chair of various Committees including Deputy Chair of the Board, and recently writing for the Magazine. I look forward to the challenges 2021 will bring, but assure you that as always, the focus will remain on the music, the lifeblood of our radio station, with articles related to the programs that we will be featuring each month.

The most obvious stylistic change is the different treatment of type – which will either be ranged left in articles with columns, or free-flowing around images and photographs to give a friendlier, more relaxed feel. As the Magazine will be available on a variety of digital platforms, we have aimed at maximum readability, but the ultimate test will be how it is received by you, our readers, so please feel free to contact me with your comments.

Our General Manager Rebecca Beare will step aside from the Magazine to concentrate on Fundraising and Sponsorship, with particular emphasis on young and emerging musicians. We extend our thanks and appreciation for her time in the Editor’s chair.

Here’s to a productive and happier 2021!

David Ogilvie

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