The Music Broadcasting Society of NSW Key Personnel

Members of the Music Broadcasting Society Co-operative of NSW (MBS) are elected at an Annual General Meeting of the Society, usually held in late October.

The role of the Board is to appoint and guide staff and committees which operate the radio station Fine Music Sydney.

Fine Music Board & Staff

Board of Directors

David James​

Deputy Chair
Christopher Waterhouse

Katy Rogers-Davies

Roger Doyle
Robert Gilchrist
Jayson McBride
​Sue Ping Kee
​Peter Poole

Appointed Directors
David Jacobs​
​Peter Stavrianos


General Manager
Rebecca Beare

Community Engagement Manager
Mona Omar

Studio & Production Manager
Joe Goddard

Office Manager

Sharon Sullivan

Digital Content Producer
Lyndon Pike​

​Executive Assistants
Eddie Bernasconi and Tessa Miles