Presenting Fine Music

Fine Music Sydney presenters aim to provide excellent and entertaining company for our audience. They research music, composers and artists and write scripts as well as compiling their own programs and presenting programs prepared by others.

Presenters do their own production, are on their own in the studio, operating the broadcast panel equipment. Presenters need a well-modulated, friendly voice with clear diction. An interest in and some knowledge of music are essential as well as the ability to pronounce names in foreign languages. Presenters need to be able to think and react quickly under pressure.

Fine Music Sydney broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week and shifts vary from approximately one to four hours. Training is provided in all aspects of presentation, broadcast equipment and panel operation. Before starting the Fine Music training program, potential presenters undergo an audition to assess their ability to handle equipment, music knowledge and voice suitability through the preparation and articulation of a short written program. The training varies, depending on qualifications and experience.

Presenting Specialist Music

While Fine Music Sydney is predominantly a classical music station it also has programs featuring jazz, world, folk and contemporary music.

Specialist presenters always prepare their own shows and are required to have extensive knowledge of their music scene as well as their own significant personal music collection to work with.

Fine Music Sydney Presenters