Fine Music Sydney Classical Programs

Monday to Friday

Fine Music Breakfast

Get your day off to a good start with Fine Music Breakfast.

Monday to Friday 6-9am

Diversions in Fine Music

Exploring music from different perspectives on each day of the week

Monday to Friday 9-10:30am

Concert Hall

An orchestral concert brought to you wherever you are

Monday to Friday 10:30am-12pm

General Classical

Varied classical music programs compiled for you by our Fine Music volunteers

Many time slots

Fine Music Drive

Uplifting and entertaining classical music for the end of the working day

Monday to Friday 4-7pm

Classics All Through The Night

A program of classical music to entertain you all night long

Monday, Saturday and Sunday mornings midnight-6am

Classics Till Dawn

Classical music for the wee small hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 3-6am


Diversions in Fine Music: A Year in Retrospect

Showing the wide variety of music composed in a particular year

Monday 9-10:30am


Diversions in Fine Music: Colours of the Keyboard

Music for keyboards: piano, organ, harpsichord and more, alone and in ensemble

Tuesday 9-10:30am

Just In

A selection from the latest recordings to arrive at the Fine Music library

Tuesday 8-10pm

Chamber Soirée

Chamber music in many styles and presenting groups ranging from duos to nonets

Tuesday 10pm- midnight


Diversions in Fine Music: Rescued from the Shadows

Music by lesser-known composers of the baroque and classical eras

Wednesday 9-10:30am

At the Opera

A tradition of 30 years and more, At the Opera brings you favourite and lesser-known operas in full.

Wednesday 8pm


Diversions in Fine Music: The Instruments

Exploring the families of instruments: strings, winds, brass and percussion

Thursday 9-10:30am

The World of a Symphony

Discover the musical world in which a symphony was written.

Thursday 8-10pm

Ultima Thule

Ambient and atmospheric music from across the ages and around the world

Thursday 10:30pm-midnight


Diversions in Fine Music: Music al fresco

The best of music for out of doors and music inspired by the natural world

Friday 9-10:30am

Evenings with the Orchestra

A showcase of music from the world’s great orchestras

Friday 8-10pm

Baroque and Before

A late night exploration of the music of the medieval, renaissance and baroque

Friday 10pm-midnight


Saturday Morning Music

Perfect music for your Saturday morning relaxation

Saturday 6-9am

The Piano Alone

A showcase of delightful solo piano music

Saturday 9-10am

Musical Journeys

Music describing journeys and places, and music influenced by exotic places

Saturday 10-11:30am

On Parade

Music for brass and symphonic wind bands

Saturday 11:30am-12pm

Opera in Miniature

Entertaining short operas presented in complete form

1st Saturday 1-2:30pm

In a Sentimental Mood

Enjoy a trip down many memory lanes as you hear music from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50’s and sometimes beyond -always guaranteed to put a smile on your face

2nd and 4th Saturdays 1-2pm

Saturday Matinee

Operetta, Oratorio and major Symphonic music featured in special programs to entertain on Saturday afternoons

Saturday 2:30-5pm

Society Spot

Music compiled and presented by members of the Folk, Organ, Guitar, or Schubert Societies of Sydney.

Saturday 5-6pm

Music of the Screen

Music composed to accompany film and television

Saturday 6-7pm

The Life of a Composer

A program that delves into the life of a composer, illustrated through important career works

Saturday 8-10pm

Saturday Night at home

A selection of classical favourites to wind down on a Saturday night

Saturday 10pm-midnight


Sunday Morning Music

Perfect music for your Sunday morning relaxation

Sunday 6-9am

Musica Sacra

From the solemn to the sublime: sacred music from ancient to modern times

Sunday 9-10am

The Classical Era

Music of the late 18th and early 19th Centuries

Sunday 10am-12pm

Sunday Special

Always different, always classical, our Sunday Special brings you special events, special themes and anniversary programs.

Sunday 3-5pm


A Fine Music tradition: sacred music on Sunday evening

Sunday 5-6pm

Small Forces

Chamber music gems for small ensembles

Sunday 6-7pm

Sunday night Concert

An orchestral concert for your pleasure on Sunday night

Sunday 7-8:30pm

New Horizons

Classical music of the last 40 years: modern, challenging and intriguing

Sunday 8:30pm-midnight