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***All Applications Frozen ***

“Fine Music Sydney will inevitably experience interruptions to our regular programs during the COVD-19 pandemic due to the various social distancing measures we are required to implement. Actual programming content may vary based upon many factors, including availability and a variety of situations which may arise that are beyond our control. It is with this in mind that we have made a decision to freeze all of our Emerging Artist Programs for 2020. All applications will open again in 2021. Stay tuned for more information”.

Meet our 2020 Kruger Scholar, Composer Harry Sdraulig

About Harry
​Harry is a composer and composition teacher based in Sydney. In addition to writing to commission, Harry is Abbotsleigh’s resident composer and also teaches at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where he is completing his Doctor of Musical Arts. 

About his Project
​I’ve been mulling over the idea of recording an album of my chamber music for several years now. One of the hardest things as a composer is getting your music ‘out there’, and I mean this in quite a specific sense: I’ve been lucky enough to have received plenty of premieres and other performances from great musicians and orchestras over the years, but very rarely do I receive a recording that I’m allowed to distribute beyond archival purposes.
It’s a real frustration! But, thankfully, an opportunity like the Stefan Kruger Scholarship exists.

As I was applying, I felt the Scholarship would be ideal match to the ambition of my project, especially in the sense of the generous funding and the component of recording expertise and facilities provided by Fine Music. I scrambled together an all-star line-up of musicians who I knew believed in my music and cross my fingers. I was extremely excited to receive the news of the Scholarship!

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About the Scholarship
The Fine Music Sydney Kruger Scholarship assists young, outstanding individuals further their career in their chosen field of music. This annual scholarship is made possible through the generous bequest of a passionate music lover.

Scholarship Value
The scholarship is valued at over $15,000 with a cash component of $10,000. The recipient will also receive support through Fine Music Sydney, with access to recording and broadcasting services and marketing support.

The project must not commence prior to 1 January 2021 and must be completed by 31 December 2022.

To enter applicants must be:
Between the ages of 21 and 30 on 1 July in the year of application
An Australian citizen, with a principal residence in Sydney and its environs
Applicants must complete and submit all materials using the online form
Applications that are late or incomplete will not be considered

Applicants must complete and submit all materials using the online entry form. Applications that are late or incomplete will not be considered. An application will be evaluated using all of the required information and selection criteria below.

If selected as a finalist, the applicant must be available for an interview or audition. If the applicant is not able to attend an interview in person during that week, due to extenuating circumstances, an alternative telephone or Skype interview may be arranged (at the discretion of the Chair of the Judging panel).

The recipient must be available for the presentation of the Scholarship at our Celebration of Fine Music event in September (Date to be advised). The recipient will be required to sign an agreement with Fine Music Sydney acknowledging that they accept the Terms and Conditions governing the Award.

Selection Criteria

1. Project Outline 
The applicant has provided a detailed Project Outline which covers the following items: 
Name of the project
The main goal in a single sentence
Brief description
Important dates and deadlines
Milestones and/or a list of tasks
Participants with name/ title/ email/phone number
Conditions that have to be met
Potential risks

2. Project Budget 
The applicant has provided a budget indicating the following items: 
How $10,000 cash component will be spent
How the $5000 value of Fine Music resources will be spent 
How or if any other support has been or will be secured or the project

3. Career Commitment 
The applicant has actively demonstrated the interest, commitment and potential to have a viable career in performance or composition of classical music or jazz.

4. Career Enhancement 
The applicant has identified a detailed project or activity with the potential to significantly enhance the applicant’s career.

5. Project Management 
The applicant has effectively demonstrated that they have the relevant project management skills to deliver this project on a timely basis with a clearly defined project timeline. 

6. Fine Music Partnership
The applicant has effectively demonstrated that this project will provide a partnership opportunity with Fine Music, utilising Fine Music’s resources including, studios, on-air channels and digital platforms to develop and promote the project while engaging with Fine Music’s stakeholders.  

7. Project Documentation
The applicant has effectively outlined a plan to document the project’s journey over the 12 month period via a Podcast and or Blog, which will be shared with all Fine Music’s stakeholders at regular intervals (minimum of 4 instalments) throughout the year.