Sydney Symphony Hour with Andrew Bukenya

​Sydney Symphony Hour​
​with Andrew Bukenya 

Tune in from 1pm on the second Tuesday of every month for Sydney Symphony Hour!

Andrew Bukenya looks ahead at the SSO concerts for the upcoming month, perhaps with some special interviews and guests!

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February’s Sydney Symphony Orchestra Hour program was lovingly prepped and heartfully presented by Andrew Bukenya with a treasure trove of musical delights!

Des’ree and Tim Atack take us down nostalgia lane with a nod to Shakespeare and Baz Lurhman’s interpretation of Romeo & Juliet, ahead of SSO’s Valentine’s day concerts hosted by Osher Günsberg: Jazz and classical worlds collide in Ravel’s masterful piano concerto and magic is always assured when Mozart is on the menu especially when there are two instruments involved!

We end with a new monthly tribute to retiring Sydney Symphony Conductor Laureate Vladimir Ashkenazy who has been part of SSO’s musical fabric since 1969 and is very much family. All hands are on keys as we shine a spotlight on his own virtuosic keyboard skills…with a little help from his own family!

Sydney Symphony Hour

STREAM NOW: Sydney Symphony Hour

STREAM NOW: Sydney Symphony Hour with Andrew Bukenya Ahead of sold-out performances of A Chorus Line in which he plays the lead role of director Zach, recent Sydney Symphony Orchestra collaborator Tim Draxl takes the lead in this month’s Sydney Symphony Hour and helps us get lost- in music of course! Andrew Bukenya has been cooking up a […]